Interactive annual report or sustainable reports

Create, share, and embed digital annual reports by converting PDFs into mobile-friendly annual reports and impress your shareholders and stakeholders. Convert all of your financial statements, data tables, charts, and graphs into a mobile-friendly, interactive report. Print less and share more online.
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How does it work?

A bilingual team of project managers, designers, developers, and even content editors is at your disposal to create your Interactive Annual Report in a hassle-free manner, all of which is controlled through a help desk and private shared space.


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Unlock the full power of your Annual report

Take your Annual Report to the next level by including all of the advantages of online reporting, including interactivity, increased engagement, ease of distribution, and performance tracking. The report provides the potential to engage the audience with your branding elements and with custom layouting and navigation, all neatly wrapped up in a mobile-friendly interactive report.


Build engagement on the go

Go beyond an interactive PDF or flipping page formatted in a magazine style. Add videos, audio files, links, interactive photos, interactive charts and graphs, HTML tables, and 3rd party content like forms, house tours, product catalogues, online payment, and more to navigate more easily through your annual report.


Preserve your brand's integrity in report with custom built templates

Wherever your digital reporting is shared, you want it to reflect your brand. Break all the limitations of restricted template branding from your PDF with a custom built or template-based PDF with custom colours, your logo, and a custom built or template-based PDF.

Ease of distributions

Share everywhere, grow your audience

Draw more attention to your annual report or sustainable report, share slective portions and pages links online. The digital report is supported on all platforms, including social media, chat groups, your intranet, emails, website, or blog

Performance tracking

Drive performance with powerful tracking

Track outcomes and improve your SEO with the digital annual report, which makes all of your reporting content available by search engines so you can figure out what motivates people to engage. The data will assist you in effectively transforming your financial and sustainable reporting approach into an impactful communication.


Protect and secure your financial reporting

Control the visibility settings for your reporting by restricting downloaded content to specific people with secured login access. Allow your stakeholders to be notified when the reporting section is updated.

Cloud hosting

Custom domain and hassle free hosting

Providing a search function that searches your Web pages is a design strategy that offers users a way to find content or sections easily. Users can locate content by searching for specific words or phrases, without needing to understand or navigate through the structure of the Web site. This can be a quicker or easier way to find content, particularly on annual reports, sustainable reports and other extensive content documents.

How does it work?

How to Get Started.

  • Send us your content in words or PDF Format to get a quick quote.
  • Define the level of interactivity and get design proposals if needed.
  • A team and a project manager is assigned to your project and with an agreed timeline provided.
  • Get feedback and see the evolution of your report.
  • Validate the report online and get access to the backoffice to manage changes.
  • Your report is live and ready to be shared.

    Why this digital reporting solution is the right solution for you

    • Corporates and Business Owners

      We offer a simple solution for all of your reporting requirements, including company overviews, leadership and directorates, governance, value creation, financial statements, risk management reports, statutory disclosures, and more! Make use of our vast distribution options to reduce print expenses while increasing visitors to your site and generating lead and brand value with your online reports.

    • Communication and Sustainability

      Incorporate your company's brand into your financial and sustainability reports.

      Integrate videos from a variety of sources, and build an interactive and breathtaking presentation of data in the form of charts and graphs that will awe and create a high interest for your audience.

    • Marketing team

      Your online reporting becomes more than a basic shareable PDF or Flipping pages; it becomes a mobile-friendly reporting that generates leads, increases your brand's online presence, and optimises your position on search engines. Consider it a high-impact, multi-page website with a lot of interactive and animated material that has a great effect on engagement.

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