Endless Possibilities With
Interactive Annual Report

How does it work?

A bilingual team of project managers, designers, developers, and even content editors is at your disposal to create your Interactive Annual Report in a hassle-free manner.


With a first information architecture, we assist you in defining your online content design for your online reporting and examine it for your convenience.


To produce your high definition report, we begin by generating a low definition annual report graphics proposal and collecting your branding materials.

Developing structure and Stylesheet

We receive all of your information in digital format and immediately begin developing your structure and Stylesheet.

Interactive materials

We add interactive materials such as financial tables, charts, graphs, animations, videos, and more after we input all of the text.

Fine tune

We go over everything with you and fine-tune everything.


Your material is published and hosted by us

Training manual

We provide a user guide and train your team on how to update the material using easy back office content.

Keep in touch

We'll keep in touch next year to assess the annual report or produce a new one based on your organization's new context and strategy.

How is collaboration defined for your interactive report?

  • A shared secured private area to receive and share content in threaded conversation in ZOHO Cliq

  • Shared folder to download versions of wireframes of your annual report and other customisable content with secured ZOHO Docs

  • An online private url to view the developed pages before going live and published at yourcompany.annualreports.info or your domain

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Trust us to provide you with a tailored solution for your annual report.

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