A bilingual team of project managers, designers, developers, and even content editors is at your disposal to create your Interactive Annual Report in a hassle-free manner, all of which is controlled through a help desk and private shared space.

Content Management
Lead Generation
Privacy options, content protection
Mobile friendly
Search engine friendly
Videos, links
Print, download
Sharing options

Content Management

You need hands on control on your content - No worry! We build your report on an easy to use Content management system, fully flexible, scalable, up-to-date access through a secured back office.

Content management provides easy creation of responsive and web pages content of static or dynamic content including:

  • Text and headlines
  • Images and Videos
  • Layouts and formatting
  • Forms and listing
  • Tables, charts, popups and even more.

Lead Generation

As an option, get a built-in lead capture form will assist you in securing your online report and collecting quality information from possible shareholders, investors, and other collaborators, such as prospect emails, names, and phone numbers. After that, you may examine how each lead interacts with your online reporting.

  • From lead generation to emailing
  • From Lead generation to simple data reporting.
  • Integrate with Zoho CRM, and other API or database

Privacy options, content protection

Content privacy is vital on the web

We ensure that your annual reports are secure to the level that you require. To prevent unwanted content distribution, disable the Share, Print, and Download options. Your documents can also be password-protected.

Mobile friendly

HTML5 is used in our digital publications. This implies that by simply clicking the link, your viewers will be able to access and read your reports on any mobile device and on any screen without hassle of pinch and zoom on each page.

Smart reading

No need to double tap to read the text, the text is full readable and flows to adapt to your mobile device or tablets. And the layout is responsive for ease of reading for all audiences.

HTML text

The HTML text gives you the perfect rendering of your content in your financial statements or your corporate profile as well as in the interactive charts readability.


A table of content is designed as a side panel to access easily content of specific section and a "next-previous page" button is available on mobile format for quickly move to next sections.

Search engine friendly

Let your content promote your brand online. The full interactive annual report is built in HTML compliant to SEO standards to ensure perfect visibility and positioning on leading pages of search engines. Addtionally, we add meta elements that will help your brand and your pages getting more creditibility for a quicker and effective ranking.

For Google crawler AND people

PDFs are indexable, not as the full interactive version. The interactive report is search engine friendly allowing a greater visibility of individual pages and content on google and other search engines.

They entice individuals and bring you additional visitors, and not just through generating traffic and improving your search results. Promotion of content becomes simple and quick.

Privacy first

SEO is a benefit, not a requirement. By default, your publications are private. Only once you enable "Searchable on Google" in settings will they be indexed. 

Some clients do not wish to promote searchability and access to their content by non authorised users. We enable the settings to ensure that the content remains private and accessible through login strictly.

Turn more traffic into leads

Keeping a report in PDF only, indexing usually causes more harm than good. People search for the file, download it, and never fill out any signup forms. A lead capture form is included in all of our documents.

Even if your material is found online, it'll always be there, allowing you to effortlessly convert organic visitors into leads.


Why not make your digital Annual Report stand out on the internet? From your own background and colour palette to your corporate logo, we make sure you can wrap your content in your own personalised branding. To generate documents that consistently improve customer trust and engagement, make all branding and design settings default.
  • Design using custom fonts

    To make their brand identity instantly recognized, all brands should employ a distinct set of typefaces and typography guidelines in all of their designs. We enable you to modify any annual report designs with your brand typography(or similar google fonts) and to be as stylish and unique as your brand.

  • Craft your brand image with a relative links

    Customise annual reports with your company logo and a link to your website, in addition to branding PDFs. As a result, your brand story will flow easily from your annual report to your website.

    We also provide links where applicable to all your online channels like social media, ecommerce or other microsites.

  • Set custom design for each digital publication

    Create a colour palette that matches your company's style and a background that complements the brand story you're telling. You can also personalise your publication's favicon and many other elements on the report.

  • Brand your publication links to nudge that click

    You can personalise the URLs in your annual report by using link branding. Increase your visitors to your company websites with the online annual report including links from specific sections of your report to essential news or company policies and governance to avoid repetition of content.

  • Add your branding everywhere

    Create a (sub)domain for yourself. Use a different domain or connect a subdomain from your site. Your unique domain will be used in the URL of your annual reports and sustainability reports that you will publish from that point forward. Custom logos, colours, favicons, and more are all available. You can use your own logo and personalise our branded header with the Enterprise plan.


    Imagine your annual report's images coming to life in a digital format. What if you could use video and sound to tell the story about your impact?

    Animated icons, charts, and tables provide you an edge with compelling content and awesome visual representation of your information.

    A digital annual report can quickly be updated with more interesting and engaging content. The best part is that you can track that engagement so you can analyse it, test it, learn from it, and make modifications on the go.

    Built in engagement with links and buttons

    Add links, shopping buttons, and social media buttons to your pages or  documents. After you've created a link, you can style it by adjusting the color and opacity of the layer. Your PDF hyperlinks are automatically detected and saved, and you may always add more.

    Engage with video

    Video and audio are two excellent methods to add interactivity to your digital product. It's also a clever way to keep readers engaged for longer! We can insert videos right on the pages of your Annual reports, whether they are stored on Youtube, Vimeo, or your own server

    Delight with audio

    Inserting audio files is very useful for creating audio books, or adding interviews and podcasts in your annual reports.

    Furthermore, we can add options that allows you to listen to your report with the "text to speach" option. That allows your report to talk you understanding the foreign currency symbols and numbers with commas easily.

    Turn images into enticing photo slideshows

    Inserting photo slideshows in your digital publications will help you become a better storyteller and keep your readers even more interested.

    Create annotations with interactive tags and captions

    Tags and captions are incredibly useful since they allow you to provide additional information to your readers about certain focus presented in your Annual reports and they can be placed wherever. Not to mention that you may use iframe embed codes to embed video in the tag's text box!

    Videos, links in PDF

    Turn your PDFs into a Microsite with
    split PDF downloads

    Developping a microsite includes a few section pages and a number of PDF pages or section to allow your audience to donwload only the important content without hassle of a full PDF. 

    Increase engagement and sales by making your PDFs more interactive. Simply convert your PDF into an interactive yearly report and add stunning videos, photos, GIFs, and outbound links to any page.

    Link adding

    Specify where you need links and simple navigational elements. Make any text, images, phone numbers, or emails on the page clickable for better interactivity.

    Print, download

    We give the most comprehensive publishing solution for your requirements. All in one place: design, develop, and print. Bring your annual reports and long-term reports to life in the best possible way.

    Our goal is to convert your annual reports and sustainability reports into tangible reports as stress-free as possible. While digital publications are ideal for some, we wanted to provide this printing alternative for those that need it.

    Sharing options

    Engaging, interactive social media posts

    Nowadays, everyone is on social media. We give you the option of sharing your fantastic Interactive annual report with your friends and family on all of your favourite social media networks.

    You may choose on various options of sharing.


    Simply post the link on your favourite social media platform. On Twitter, where the link transforms into an interactive annual report, it will be the most remarkable.


    The GIF download is ideal for using on social media to share a sneak peek of your interactive annual report.


    Get a 20-second teaser trailer for your interactive annual report, ideal for sharing on social media. Impress your audience by uploading video and including a link to your Interactive annual report.

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